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AutopulseX Vehicle Fan

AutopulseX Vehicle Fan

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With three level adjustment get rid of heat, car cooling fan can provide strong wind to cool down rear seat passengers and pets at back seat immediately when car air conditioner is weak or no air conditioner at all. The car fan allows rear seat passengers or pets to feel cool and comfortable in the car. our car fan will not disturb the passengers who are at rest for its low noise.


The fan has three gears: low, medium, and high; Short press the button to switch gears: "1st, 2nd, 3rd, shutdown" cycle in sequence.Fan speed 1st gear: 3000RPM; 2nd gear: 3800RPM; 3rd gear: 4500RPM. Fan speed 1st gear: 2.6m/s; 2nd gear: 4.0m/s; 3rd gear: 5.1m/s


Car cooling fan is perfect for removing off moisture of interior windshield on cold rainy days and reducing unwanted hot air, cigarettes smoke or dust. It also can eliminate pet odor which makes you feel uncomfortable. The car fan features sturdy and high quality velcro fixation that can be installed tightly in your car seat.


Enjoy a refreshing breeze undisturbed by noise with our car rear seat fan's strong wind power and quiet operation. You can easily converse and relax while staying comfortable in your car.


Car fans fit all mini small compact or medium large full size sedans SUV Van Truck RV ATV. car cooling fan is easy to use. The installment can be done easily by hand without any extra tools.

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