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Do you find it hard to stand up and walk without any support?

If you are currently experiencing difficulties standing up from chairs or sofas due to aging, physical activity, injury, surgery, or health issues such as osteoarthritis, neuropathy, knee pain, or sciatica:

You may feel like you have lost your independence.

However, there is a solution available. The cane from Bloom is designed to assist you in standing up independently, walking longer distances, and rebuilding your confidence.

Get up with confidence

The cane, crafted by orthopedists, is specifically tailored to assist individuals who struggle with standing up unaided. In contrast to conventional canes or walking sticks, the cane features an additional handle for enhanced support, facilitating independent standing from chairs, sofas, or any seated position.

What sets our cane apart is its innovative capability to stand upright independently, supported by a sturdy base with 4 durable rubber feet. This unique design ensures stability and accessibility on flat surfaces, offering dependable support whenever required.

Improve your security while walking at night.

The built-in torch in the cane is strategically placed to assist you in navigating dimly lit areas such as dark corridors, steps, and uneven paths.

This feature ensures that you can see clearly and move confidently, regardless of the time of day.

Whether you're taking a late-night trip to the bathroom or an early evening walk, the cane helps reduce the chances of accidents by illuminating your path with a bright, guiding light, giving you the confidence and freedom to move around safely in the dark.


The cane takes an additional measure to guarantee your safety by incorporating an alarm function. In case of a fall or emergency, you can effortlessly activate the alarm to emit a loud and distinct signal, notifying nearby individuals to assist you. This alarm is especially beneficial during instances when you may be by yourself or in unfamiliar surroundings, providing reassurance that aid can swiftly arrive by simply pressing a button.

The innovative second support handle is the secret.

It was designed and expertly placed by orthopedists to allow you to stand up from couches, chairs, and beds all on your own, without having to rely on others!

It can even help you sit down too!

“I saw a facebook ad for this online and it looked perfect for me as I struggle to stand up, I’m so glad I got one as it has been a massive help, I’m much more independent now and can stand up on my own again!” - Mary P.

“I’ve used a cane for the last couple of years, but my mobility has gotten worse and it doesn’t provide me enough support anymore. I started to feel like a burden to those around me as I always needed their help. So I decided to invest in a StandSecure and it has been life changing for me. I feel a lot more confident when I have it with me and the peace of mind it provides is truly priceless!” - Joan H.

“The StandSecure is brilliant. Very comfortable to use and excellent workmanship, feels very high quality and premium. It helps me so much throughout the day to stay mobile and active, I don’t know what I would do without it!” - Marcus R.

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